The Seville Orange Tree is composed for flute and piano.

Stay tuned for more information about the special commission and its world Premier in 2017!

Its Around 130 is a composition for marimba and fixed media. It is inspired by my baby boy's heart beat that I recorded on week 28th when I visited my doctor.
The tape part includes: my baby's heart beat, sound effects edited and processed on dumbak, recording of my husband's voice reading a passage about our baby's name, Elia, parts of my conversation with my doctor as well as other sound effects that represents sounds that a baby may hear when he is still inside his mom.

I would like to thank amazing and talented dumbak player, Bijan Rahmani, for recording sound effects on Dumbak for this composition.

When the Roses Laugh in Full-blown Beauty is a five-minute duo written for harp and marimba.

Audio information: performed by Emily Granger (harp) and Chris Sies (Marimba) at 2016 fulcrumpoint Discoveries!

Fly Toward a Secret Sky is a one-movement composition written for flute and fixed medium.

The fixed medium is created entirly by processing sounds of pre-recorded flute, Santur (Persian dulcimar) and daf (Persian frame drum). Special thanks goes to talented musician and composers Amanda Lowry (flute), Barbod Bayat (Santur) and Ashkan Fahandej (daf) for providing me the recording materials of this composition.

Excerpt by: Tristan Durie

World Premier:

Fly Toward a Secret Sky, will receive its world premier by the wonderful flutist, Tristan Durie, in March 15th 2014 at Eelectroacoustic Music Concert in Walter Hall, Toronto, ON.

Dance in your Blood is a song cylce based on three poems of the 13th Century Perisan poet, Rumi, translated into English composed for soprano and piano.


Dance in Your Blood won the Top Prize place at 2014 Violet Archer Composition Prize and will be publisehd in the Plangere Canadian Composers Series.

Postlude to Bamdad is inspired by Khoshe Chin in Avaze Esfahan composed by Rohollah Khaleghi and poem by Karim Fakor.

I originally wrote it for Bb clarinet, violin and and vibraphone and later arranged it for violin and cello as well.

A collaboration with Erica McBurney for fixed media and voice for thethe commemoration of the Martyrdom of the Bab.

Arghavan Excerpt

Arghavan is written for two pianos.

Excerpt perfprmed by Jialiang Zhu and Pei-chen Chen


Surna (Zurna) is a duo originally written for Surna (a double-reed woodwind instrument with roosts in Asia and Europe) and cello. I have also created a version for B-flat clarinet and cello.

Excerpts by Blagoj Lamnjov (surna), Sarah Zilonis (cello) and Nick Mula (B-flat clarinet), Sarah Zilonis (cello)

Chakameh II

Chakameh means song in Persian language. It is a piano piece written for four hands.

Chakameh: excerpt performed by John Urban and Parvash Java

Chakameh II: excerpt performed by Jana Pavlovska and John Urban

I'll Meet You There

I'll Meet You There is written for horn and fixed media inspired by one of the Jallaludin Rumi's poems.

Excerpt: Rhonda Kremer (horn)

Lahzeh- Didar

Lahzeh-e Didar is written for tenor and vibrophone. Text: Mehdi Akhavan-Saless's poem, Lahzeh-e Didar (The Moment of Visitinng)

Excerpt: Danilel Berry (tenor), Daniel Pratt (vibraphone)


Ghasedak is written for tenor and vibraphone.

Text: Mehdi Akhavan-Saless' poem, Ghasedak (Dandelion).

The Dandelion, in European floriography, is considered "the rustic oracle"  and is especially associated with bringing news of and conveying word to the beloved. In Iran, it is likewise believed to bring news from dear ones who are absent.

Excerpt: Daniel Berry (tenor), Scott Crawford (vibraphone)


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