Postlude to Bamdad (2013) 4'00"

Postlude to Bamdad is inspired by Khoshe Chin in Avaze Esfahan composed by Rohollah Khaleghi and poem by Karim Fakor.

I originally wrote it for Bb clarinet, violin and and vibraphone and later arranged it for violin and cello as well.

Bamdad [Dawn] (2013) 11'00"

Bamdad (Dawn) is written for flute, clarinet, percussion, piano, violin and cello. 

Bamdad is a musical portrait of my view about the relationship between Iran and Israel. While the beauty of each culture is introduced by developing melodies inspired by Persian and Jewish traditional folk tunes, the rise and fall of the relation between the two nations is recited by the chaotic characteristic of other sections. Eventually, as the piece unfolds, the two melodies find their way to live in harmony and peace.

The excerpt is conducted by Shalom Bard and performed by: Izabella Budai, Flute; Mara Plotkin, Clarinet; Rebecca MacLeod, Violin; Steve Sang Koh, Violin; Maxime Despax, Viola; Sebastian Ostertag, Cello; Pei-Chen Chen, Piano; Michelle Colton, Percussion

Hamzabani (2013) 1'40"

Hamzabani is written for flute, vibraphone, piano, violin and cello based on one of Rumi's poems.

Az Baku ta Belemont (2012-2013)

Az Baku ta Belemont (From Baku to Belemont), a documentary directed by Rashin Fahandej, is about a hospitable 86 year-old Iranian-American Baha’i, whose stories of past are raw and visceral. With his memories of his parent's exile from Baku after Russian revolution, his account of medieval-style persecution of his fellow Baha’i friends in a village in Iran, and his first-hand description of the murder of a doctor friend in the hand of extremists, Mr. Khaze draws us into an outlandish history filled with conflicting emotions.

Watch the trailer: Az Baku ta Belemont

Producer, Director, Editor: Rashin Fahandej
Executive producer: Ladan Doorandish
Composition and Sound Design: Parisa Sabet
Tenor: Paul Williamson
Animation: Michaela Čopikova
Cinematographer: Yari Wolinsky
Lighting Director: Cary Wolinsky
Sound recorder: Jason Bashaw
Research Assistant, Subtitle and Credit: Anisa Hosseinnezhad
Subtitle Translation: Omid Fallahazad and Rebecca Rowley

The documentary has been broadcast on: Noveen TV (2014, 2015), The Cultures of Iranian Diaspora conference (April 2014), Massart Film Society (Oct 2015)

Opera scenes: Antigone (2012-13) 10'00"

Antigone is a collaborative opera project composed by four composers at the University of Toronto: August Murphy King, Jason Caron, Jordan O'Connor and I.

Libretto: Michael Patrick Albano (adapted after the original by Sophocles)

Natalya Matyusheva (Antigone); Adanya Dunn (Ismene); Zachary Read (Creon); Rocco Rupolo (Haemon); David Diston (the Chorus);
Jonathan MacArthur (the Captain of the Guard)

Director: Erik Thor; Conductor: Sandra Horst; Production Design: Fred Perruzza; Costumes: Lisa Magill; GamUT Ensemble

Geyrani (2012) 4'40"

Geyrani is written for solo violin. It is inspired by Keyhan Kalhor's improvisation on kamancheh.

Audio recording by: Sarah Chazin


Geyrani, has been selected by Amsterdam-based Trio 7090 to be workshopped as part of Gaudeamus: Deconstructed and Reconstructed event on April 5th 2014.

Where and when: At The Music Gallery, 197 John Street, Toronto, Ontario from 10:00 am–1:00 pm

Dastane Mousighi 13

در آخرین برنامه از مجموعه «داستان موسیقی» با سبک های دیگه ای مثل نامعین، نو رومانتیسیسم و چند فرهنگی آشنا می شیم و به آثاری از جان کیج، برایت شنگ و پندرسکی گوش می دیم

Dastane Mousighi 12

در این برنامه با موسیقی مینیمالیستی، موسیقی تجربی و موسیقی الکترونیکی آشنا می شیم و به آثاری از استیو رایش (زندگی شهری)، پاول لنسکی (ترافیک شب) و جان کیج (پیانو فیز) گوش می دیم

Dastane Mousighi 11

در این برنامه با چند مکتب مدرن مثل ناسیونالیسم و پریمیتیویسم آشنا می شیم و به آثاری از آهنگسازان مثل استراوینسکی ، پندرسکی و موسورگسکی گوش می دیم