No Need to Vanish: How to Convert Music Education to Music Career

Course Description:

This upper-level undergraduate course is an introduction to electroacoustic music repertoire, composition techniques, and overall creative process. Students will learn through hands-on experience, technical skills development, listening exercises, critical listening and analysis. The course explores self-reflective topic discussions to help develop entrepreneurship skills, personal artistic identity and allow students to create a personalized creative toolbox.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Develop sound design and electroacoustic composition skills
  • Develop a personal creative toolbox and workflow
  • Produce compelling and personal sounds
  • Outline personal artistic identity and creative process
  • Develop effective presentation skills
  • Adopt musicianship skills to identify common composition techniques, and threads in acoustic and electroacoustic music
  • Implement critical thinking skills, develop the ability to articulate thoughts and participate in discussions
  • Develop active listening skills