Small Ensemble

Nourooz (2009) 5'30"

Nourooz is written in two movements (Bahar and Tahvil-e Sal) for oboe, clarinet and four percussionists. I wrote this piece inspired by the tradition of Persian New Year. Nourooz is celebrated every year on 21st of March.

Excerpts by: Chicago College of Performing Arts musicians.

Persian Taste (2010) 6'00"

Persian Taste (Chashni-e Irani) is written for a Persian ensemble including santoor, tar, barbat, kamancheh tombak, and daf.

Miniatures (2011) 6'30"

Miniatures is written for solo santoor (a Persian chordophone instrument) and small ensemble in honor of Hossein Dehlavi. This piece was inspired by Dehlavi's Concerto for Santoor and Small Ensemble.

I have also created a version of this piece for solo harp and small ensemble.

Excerpt: Performed by Chicago College of Performing Arts Musicians

Praised be God (2009) 5'50"

Praised Be God is written for soprano, tenor, flute and harp.

Text: Bahai Writtings

Excerpt: Chicago College of Performing Arts musicians.