Minakari (2022) 6'00"

Minakari (2022) is a solo piano composition commissioned by pianist Melody S Quah

I find Minakari an elegant, delicate, and sophisticated form of art and I am mesmerized by the beauty that these detailed oriented colorful geometric patterns create.

The first time I talked to Melody, she had a similar impression on me: a pianist with an elegant, delicate, and sophisticated personality. Her piano performance was not different. Therefore, I decided to use characteristics of Minakari as my source of inspiration for this composition.

Minakari is the art of miniature painting and coloring on ceramics and metal. The word Minakari has two parts: Mina and Kari. “Mina” is associated with the word Minoo (a feminine name) meaning heaven. It is also defined as the blue sky in Farsi. The design usually has bright colors primarily blue and detailed geometric patterns with small variations.  

Dancing My Heart Out (2020) 5'30

Dancing My Heart Out is a solo cello composition commissioned by amazingly talented cellist, Dobrochna Zubek. The idea was to create a composition that was a reflection on the lockdown period in 2020. The musical idea develops through the juxtaposition of playing on the instruments and using the instrument's body as a percussion instrument. The two ideas are woven into each other in a way that one comes out of or dissolves to another.

Beyond Borders (2014) 6'00"

Beyond Borders is a solo violin composition in which, I portrait sides of my personality that had never been appeared in my works before.

Nay Nava (2011) 5'00"

Nay Nava (2011) is composed for solo alto flute inspired by Iranian Nay player, Maestro Hassan Kassai. Nay Nava is one of earliest compositions featuring loose interpretation of some elements of Persian traditional music such as modes, narrative, use of quarter tones and improvisation.

Nay Nava won the 2011 Timothy Munro's solo flute composition Competition. Mr. Munro, a triple-Grammy winner musician based in Chicago, premiered Nay Nava on his solo concert, Unanswered Questions, on January 28, 2012 in Ganz Hall Chicago, IL.

Excerpt I: Forrest Ransburg (c flute)

Excerpt II: Timothy Munro (alto flute)


In His Boat (2010) 6'00"

Written for solo piano based on Nima Yushij's poem, In His Boat.

Excerpt: Diana Botelho Vieira (piano)