Debut Album Release Date

My debut album, A Cup of Sins, will be released on August 26, 2022.

The digital version can be purchased at Redshift Records:


Here is a sneak pick:

With a generous support from:
Canada Council for the Arts & Ontario Arts Council
Producer: Denise Ball
Sound engineer: Pouya Hamidi
Cover Art: Keyvan Mahjoor
Graphic Designer: Romina Zabihian
Program booklet headshot photos: Bo Huang
Soprano: Jacqueline Woodley
Piano: Christina Quilico
Violin/viola: Matthias McIntire
Cello: Dobrochna Zubek
Clarinet: Peter Stoll
Flute: Laurel Swinden
Electric Guitar: Robert Grieve
Conductor: Joshua Tamayo
Recorded at: Glenn Gould Studio-CBC
Special thanks to Christos Hatzis and Eliot Britton
Album release party: September 24, 2022
Canadian Music Centre, 6:00PM.
Free event!