Large Ensemble

Beauty, Love and Justice (2019) 16'00"

“Beauty, love and Justice” is a five-movement orchestral composition approximately 16 minutes long. It is developed based on the basic musical elements that I found common among all cultures such as repetition of simple rhythmic pattern, harmonic series and natural sound effects such as breathing, humming, whispering, talking and air sounds. In addition, I explored various ways of incorporating unusual timbral effects and extended techniques to create an intriguing sonic environment. My ultimate goal was to create complexity by fusing simpler musical elements.

The Stars Are Setting (2018) 11'00"

The Stars Are Setting is composed for mandolin orchestra, guitar quartet, voice and strings based on 4 quatrains by Hakim Omar Khayyam (1048 – 1131), a Persian poet, mathematician and astronomer. This composition was commissioned by the Seattle Mandolin Orchestra in conjunction with the Seattle-Isfahan Music Project.

It will be world premiered on June 3, 2018 at Trinity Parish Church, Seattle, WA
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Those Still Dancing (2014) 10'00"

Those Still Dancing is a one-movement orchestral piece scored for (2222 221, piccolo, 3 percussion, piano, harp, and strings (minimum 65442).

It is inspired by a traditional Persian folk dance, Čūb-Bāzī (dance with sticks). Today, the tradition of Čūb-Bāzī is exclusive to men.  However, up until half a century ago, before the Islamic revolution, women used to participate in Čūb-Bāzī as well.  There are only a few women still living who know how to perform Čūb-Bāzī in Iran and they are over eighty years old. Those Still Dancing is homage to these elderly women who have preserved their dance form in this conflicting and dangerous environment.

Opera scenes: Antigone (2012-13) 10'00"

Antigone is a collaborative opera project composed by four composers at the University of Toronto: August Murphy King, Jason Caron, Jordan O'Connor and I.

Libretto: Michael Patrick Albano (adapted after the original by Sophocles)

Natalya Matyusheva (Antigone); Adanya Dunn (Ismene); Zachary Read (Creon); Rocco Rupolo (Haemon); David Diston (the Chorus);
Jonathan MacArthur (the Captain of the Guard)

Director: Erik Thor; Conductor: Sandra Horst; Production Design: Fred Perruzza; Costumes: Lisa Magill; GamUT Ensemble

Kurdy Dance (2012) 4'30"

Kurdy Dance is the first movement of the series of compositions inspired by Persian traditional dances. The ensemble consists of woodwinds, strings, percussions, piano and dancers.

Nawruz (2011) 5'30"

Nawruz is written in celebration of Persian New Year. Nawruz won the 2011 Chicago College of Performing Art's Wind Ensemble Composition Competition.

This audio is the complete performance of Nawruz by CCPA Wind Ensemble conducted by Dr. Stephen Squires.  The piece was world-premiered and broadcast on Chicago’s Classical and Folk Music Radio Station (98.7 WFMT).

The Mothers of Peace (2010) 7'00"

The Mothers of Peace is written for chorus and large ensemble. This is the second movement following the Wa Itha Al- Mawudatu Suilat piece. The work will be completed when I finish the third movement.

Wa Itha Al-Mawudatu Suilat (2009) 6'50"

Wa Itha Al-Mawudatu Suilat (And She Will be Questioned) is written for chorus and large ensemble in honor of Neda Agha Soltan.

Text: Surah Altakvir, Quran.

Excerpts by: Chicago College of Performing Arts musicians.