Sepideh (2023) 8'00"

Sepideh is a multimedia composition for solo piano, video, and audio playback inspired by the Women, Life, Freedom Movement in Iran. The title itself carries a dual meaning, symbolizing both the dawn and an Iranian woman's name. It's worth noting that Sepideh is also the name of a young Iranian activist currently incarcerated.


The creative process behind this work holds a special place in my heart. It marks the first project that brought together the communities I deeply cherish: mothers and children, and the musician community. Throughout its development, I felt an outpouring of love, compassion, and support in every aspect of this project, from crafting ribbons to filming the video components and composing the music. Furthermore, I had the privilege of collaborating remotely with Sandra Sangiao, a versatile Spanish vocalist, who lent her voice to the audio playback, and Yun Lee Young, a pianist based in Toronto, who skillfully recorded the sound effects on the piano. A special thanks to Joshua Weinfeld of Continuous Motion Production for recording and editing the visuals.

Sepideh portrays the collective transformation of humanity, as we seek to address the oppression and persecution of minorities on a global scale. My hope for this multimedia composition is to provide the audience with a transformative experience. As the virtual world of sounds and images unfolds during the performance, I wish it leaves a lasting impression on their perspectives.