Electroacoustic Music

Sepideh (2023) 8'00"

Sepideh is a multimedia composition for solo piano, video, and audio playback. The title itself carries a dual meaning, symbolizing both the dawn and an Iranian woman's name. It's worth noting that Sepideh is also the name of a young Iranian activist currently incarcerated.

The creative process behind this work holds a special place in my heart. It marks the first project that brought together the communities I deeply cherish: mothers and children, and the musician community. Throughout its development, I felt an outpouring of love, compassion, and support in every aspect of this project, from crafting ribbons to filming the video components and composing the music. Furthermore, I had the privilege of collaborating remotely with Sandra Sangiao, a versatile Spanish vocalist and mother of two, who lent her voice to the audio playback, and Yun Lee Young, a pianist based in Toronto, who skillfully recorded the sound effects on the piano.

Sepideh portrays the collective transformation of humanity, as we seek to address the oppression and persecution of minorities on a global scale. My hope for this multimedia composition is to provide the audience with a transformative experience. As the virtual world of sounds and images unfolds during the performance, I wish it leaves a lasting impression on their perspectives.


Goodnight Moon (2023) 8'00"

Goodnight Moon is a composition for voice, cello, piano and audio playback commissioned by a Montreal based trio, Noise Partout. Stay tuned for premier information!

Silent (2022) 8'00"

Silent is a multi-media composition for clarinet, cello, piano, soprano, tenor, audio playback, dance, and visuals commissioned by Charsu Quartet. It is inspired by The Wind-up Doll, a poem by an influential Iranian poet, Forough Farokhzad (1934-1967). Influenced by the poem’s perspective on the ways a male-dominated social system in Iran has destroyed women’s lives, I aimed to depict the feelings of an emotionally, physically oppressed woman struggling towards change.

We acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts.

Stay tuned for premier information!

(Binaural Version) USE YOUR HEADPHONE

The Sounds of Cities Album, Yu Tsz Long


Blue Girl (2020) 7'00"

Blue Girl (2020) is a three-channel video by video, net and performance artist, Raheleh Saneie. The film is a homage to women who self immolate as a form of protest against domestic violence. I had the privilege to be part of this project and collaborate as the composer and sound artist.
The music is performed  and recorded by Tahirih Vejdani (soprano), Stacy Dunlap (mezzo soprano), Dobrochna Zubek (cello), Nava Keyhanirad and Ferial Tahmasbi (narration).

Blue Girl made it to the Nine stellar highlights from Toronto’s art scene in 2020.


Search for Simurgh (2018) 60'00"

Search for Simurgh is a composition for an interdisciplinary interactive performance installation Commissioned by Kate Digby and Erika Batdorf. This interdisciplinary collaborative project was developed under the supervision of Kate Digby and Erika Batdorf in summer 2018 at York University and Toronto Art Media Centre.

Link to the Search for Simurgh project: https://www.simurghproject.org/

Visiting Grandpa (2014) 15'00"

Visiting Grandpa is a multi-channel soundscape based on my memories of my grandfather. It was written when I learned that the Iranian revolutionary guard demolished the historic cemetery of Baha'is in Shiraz (Iran), where my grandfather's remain, as well as many other Baha'is', were buried.
I'd like to thank my husband, Kamran Fallah, for the translation of the original text into English; Nika Khanjani, for her powerful narration of the story; and Roya Sepehri, for creating a serene atmosphere by chanting prayers beautifully in Persian.

Link to Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/parisabet/visiting-grandpa-2015-stereo-version

Fly Toward a Secret Sky (2014) 5'30

Fly Toward a Secret Sky is a one-movement composition written for flute and fixed medium.

The fixed medium is created entirly by processing sounds of pre-recorded flute, Santur (Persian dulcimar) and daf (Persian frame drum). Special thanks goes to talented musician and composers Amanda Lowry (flute), Barbod Bayat (Santur) and Ashkan Fahandej (daf) for providing me the recording materials of this composition.

Excerpt by: Tristan Durie

World Premier:

Fly Toward a Secret Sky, will receive its world premier by the wonderful flutist, Tristan Durie, in March 15th 2014 at Eelectroacoustic Music Concert in Walter Hall, Toronto, ON.